Established in 1994, the now well-known ShenDa Dental Clinic is located on Taiyuan Road in Xuhui district, where it is regarded as a luxury and quiet residential zone. One can find many foreign consulates and residents are also well situated in this area.

The clinic is housed within a western style villa with a specious parking yard under the shelter of grandeur big old trees. Through exquisite modern interior design and decoration, the villa was beautifully converted in to a modernized dental clinic, encompassing a spacious reception hall with comfortable sittings for patients and guests, a registration desk, rooms for diagnosis, X-ray as well as modern dentistry setup with the best imported equipments, enabling ShenDa to provide personal dental care service unmatched by the others.

ShenDa is one of the first and foremost join venture dental care establishment. Due to the convenience and luxurious surroundings, it is frequently well patronized by consulates staff, high level government officials, both foreign and local business executives and their families.

Director and dentist in-charge Hanson Feng, himself was a graduated dental doctor from the dental school of Shanghai Second Medical University; and so are other dentists working at ShenDa. Its nurses are all professionally trained.

“Our clinic’s ultimate objective is to provide the best personalized service through careful diagnose, with detailed individual history; and based on the modern equipments, tools and skill, to offer our patients perfect satisfaction”, emphasized Dr Feng ”. This is why ShenDa is regarded as one of the few dental clinics matching international standard.

“ShenDa aimed at not only to provide the utmost dental care for our patients to gain better and healthier life, it is also, aimed at raising the common knowledge of preventive dental care and oral hygiene”, added Dr. Feng.

Through the exchange visits by “The American Dental Hygienist’s Association Delegation”, and “ The American Dental Assistant Association Delegation” headed by Ms Cathy Draper and Ms Cynthia Bradley, respectively; ShenDa is now planning to formulate a “ CavityShield Insurance Program for Children and Teenagers” to beintroduced to all elementary, secondary as well as universities throughout Shanghai to promote preventive dental care.